Vision & Mission



Rowhedge Heritage Trust wants Rowhedge to be a place where everyone can participate in learning about and celebrating the rich cultural, social and maritime heritage of the area, so that community life is richer as a result.



The object of the Charity is to advance the education of the public in the history and development of Rowhedge, by the provision and maintenance of an educational Heritage Centre and Museum.

(Rowhedge Heritage Trust Deed 2004)



Those involved in the Rowhedge Heritage Trust do not expect payment, or to profit in any way from the effort they expend; they are involved in the Charity to harness and focus the goodwill of residents in Rowhedge (and beyond) in building a strong community and sharing their interest and expertise with the rest of the community.


The members who give their time and energy do so in a spirit of goodwill, for the benefit of the community, encouraging any who wish to become involved to volunteer. It is a dynamic group of people, possessing a strong core of original members, who seek fresh input, ideas and support to fulfil the work/aims.


The business and accounting management of this RHT community enterprise is and will be run to a high standard of accountability, properly and correctly conforming to the requirements as set out in the Constitution of the RHT Charity.


Any money making activity will be undertaken with the sole aim of covering the costs of running activities associated with the charitable objects, vision and mission.


This community project activity (which of course requires obtaining and use of funds) must not be confused with the purpose and methods of a purely commercial enterprise, which should also be run properly and correctly, but which has different aims and ethos.



All RHT Trustees and Committee members are volunteers:


Lucy Bannatyne - Chairperson (Trustee)

Keith J Phillips - Secretary (Trustee)

Andy Davy - Treasurer (Trustee)

Pauline Holloway (Trustee)

Loraine J Baker (Trustee)

Nick V Baker (Trustee)

Andy Randall - Committee member

Ros Watling - Committee member

Phil Marlow Mann - Committee member

Phil Foster - Committee member

Sue Williams - Committee member